Ure Motel

In the middle of a strong thunderstorm and away from civilization, your vehicle has broken down. Luckily, searching on the internet, you discovered that you are near the “URE MOTEL”, where you can spend the night and call for a tow. However, there is also some news about a dark passage in the history of the motel: years ago, some guests committed a terrible murder there and nobody helped the victim.

Despite this, you have no other choice, and surely this story will not prevent you from spending the night in “URE MOTEL” and resting in peace …


How to arrive



Room Escape for groups of 2 to 10 participants. All reservations are made through the website, included GIFT BONUS. Reservations are made by paying a deposit for the web of 30€, paying the difference stipulated in your reservation in the room IN CASH AT THE TIME OF CARRYING out the activity. It is important to make the reservation by notifying the approximate number of participants to vary the degree of difficulty. The activity is suitable for children from 10 years old and It is obligatory that a minimum of one adult(SESSION DJ) and 12 years old and It is obligatory that a minimum of two adults (URE MOTEL). Children 15 years old may play alone with adult authorization. You can change the date of the reservation as long as it is notified 48 hours in advance, the change of schedule has a cost of 18 euros,  IN NO CASE CAN YOU CANCEL THE RESERVATION OR PROCEED TO THE REFUND OF THE AMOUNT.