What is an escape room?

It is a challenge for your wit and your logic hability, which are essential in this live team game. The goal is to escape from a space under time pressure, after collecting clues and solving the enigmas that arised, and will get you out of the room. Team work is crucial.


Are there Rules?


  • There is no physical strenght needed.
  • All elements and objects should be treated carefully and with respect. We must be aware that when one group leaves, another enters to make use of the same facilities and elements.
    *If there is any kind of exception to these rules the staff wil worn you previously.


How to book?

All bookings shall be online, therefore they must be done through the website including gift vouchers.



What is the payment method?


When booking throught our website, you will have to pay a 30€ deposit by bank card or paypal. The remaining amount will be paid in the day by CASH at the venue.



Can Bookings be changed or cancelled?


You can change the date of your booking if this is notified within at least 48 hours in advance. The cost of the change is 18€. Bookings cannot be cancelled or refunded. If you request to change your booking in less than 48 hours after the scheduled appointment, the organization has the right to decide what to do with the booking and the payment.


Should we arrive early?

Puntuality is mandatory. Arriving 5 minutes in advance is enough. If the group arrives more than 10 minutes late the Game Master will decide to carry out the session or not.


Does it require physical agility?


No, it is not necessary. Neither physical strength.


What clothes should I wear?


There isn’t a specific dressing code, but we recommend you to bring comfortable clothes for a better enjoyment of the experience.


What is the age limit?

The activity is suitable for children from 10 years old and It is obligatory that a minimum of one adult(SESSION DJ) and 12 years old and It is obligatory that a minimum of two adults (URE MOTEL). Children 15 years old may play alone with adult authorization.

Can a pregnant play?

She can play in SESSION DJ

She can play in URE MOTEL only in MISTERY mode.