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DJ Session

The oppening of the Spiral Disco high season has arrived, the best disco in Empordà. It will be the party of the year, and the DJ must live up to the task. This is a unique possibility to enjoy a night with the International Dj. Kilombo. It will be an adventure, so come fully charged with energy because in the Spiral Disco you never know what can happen!
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Ure Motel

In the middle of a strong thunderstorm and away from civilization, your vehicle has broken down. Luckily, searching on the internet, you discovered that you are near the “URE MOTEL”, where you can spend the night and call for a tow. There is a dark incident in the past of th motel thoug… Despite this, you have no other choice, and surely this story will not prevent you from spending the night and resting in peace …

A room escape for your company?

Team Building

Room Escape is an ideal activity to strengthen the ties between its participants, in a both relaxed and demanding way. The challenges are designed with a purpose, and also they are adaptable to the requirements and needs of the team.

We are specialists in Team Building for companies, groups and entities, as well as all kinds of celebrations.

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If you like challenges, this is your activity!